Don’t Drink Bleach — An Intervention Story

I love my dad. He is a strange and wonderful man. But dads can be weird and mine has made it a point to stay in the weird zone. My parents divorced when I was 10 and my dad has been on a nonstop spiritual journey since that time, 30 years ago. Maybe longer, but that side of him didn’t really blossom until he was on his own. Over the course of those decades he became a holistic life coach, Reiki coach, and TFT practitioner. Suffice it to say, for the point of this article, that my dad has always enjoyed his status as a Black Sheep and an Enlightened One. He has made a point of making decisions from his intuition and heart. Even though he has a master’s degree in mathematics, he questions “facts” if they come from “the establishment”.

This year (2020) has been hard on a lot of people and COVID-19 has just been a real bitch. An incredibly divisive election year coupled with a global pandemic…yeah, tensions have been high. My 75-year-old dad has stumbled across the conspiracy theory section of the internet as relates to Trump and COVID-19. Yes he is definitely a “9/11 was an inside job”-er. He started virulently sending out the Plandemic video when that was first released. He has refused to wear masks or care about social distancing. Ok, fine.

I found out about his latest “damn the man” caper while on the phone with him last week. I try to avoid the inflammatory topics like masks, or COVID, or whether or not the 2020 election was rigged (yes, he is 100% positive that Trump will get a second term as of the Dec 7 writing of this article) but he likes to tell me his thoughts anyway. He mentioned, casually, that he had started a detox protocol with chlorine dioxide (or Miracle Mineral Solution as it is marketed by the cult that pushes it).

Let me save you a little research here and let you know that chlorine dioxide is used in industrial sanitation processes, specifically industrial water purification plants. It’s 2.6x stronger than chlorine bleach you might buy at the store. It is absolutely not for internal use.

I calmly asked my dad about the “protocol” he was following. He and his wife would be drinking a diluted solution of chlorine dioxide in water once every hour, 8 hours a day, for 3 weeks. He informed me that during the first 3 days of the protocol they both had horrible vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea and had decreased the dose a bit to “build up their tolerance”. He also bragged that his blood pressure was down. All the things I’ve just mentioned are (you guessed it) symptoms of having poisoned oneself with chlorine dioxide. This is something you could potentially die from pretty quickly

I hung up with my dad and immediately went on the research warpath. He was going to start back on his protocol of drinking bleach at 9am the next morning and I was worried for his life. I called my mom and then my brother with my findings: yes this was a toxic chemical that he was willingly giving himself. My brother and I called him and staged an intervention.

“We love you. Your grandkids love you. We just don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

It was a fucking surreal conversation. There are real problems in the world and we’re having an intervention for our dad who is determined to drink bleach. We asked what was the outcome he was hoping for. He said “just to be healthy”.

“Well then take a fucking walk,” I replied, knowing that this was not the right tactic.

We made a plea with facts. We made an emotional plea. He said he would think about it and asked us to look at the research for ourselves. The “research” that he sent me was this self-published ebook by Jim Humble, founder of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing and pusher of bleach-drinking.

It was 11pm when my brother and I finally got off the phone with our dad. His verdict was that he was going to start back on the protocol at 9am the next day. We had told him we were going to notify the whole family if he did and get the mighty muscle of a Big Lebanese Family behind us in getting him to not poison himself to death.

I spent the rest of the night and into the morning reading the stuff he had sent me and doing my own homework on what this stuff was and who these people were who thought it was a good idea. I wrote my dad an email around 2am with my thoughts and findings, along with some fact-checking on Jim Humble’s ebook. Spoiler alert: JIM HUMBLE IS A FUCKING MANIAC. My email to my dad follows.

Jim Humble, former Scientologist, writes from the field about the merits and benefits of his super cure, MMS or chlorine dioxide. He claims outright that it can cure many diseases including malaria and AIDS in as little as 24 hours. Jim is also the founder of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing which, for all intents and purposes, looks like a cult. Jim and his “bishops” have explicitly said that they formed this church to protect themselves from legal persecution. Jim is not a doctor but he does claim to be a billion-year-old god from the Andromeda galaxy, specifically from the “Planet of the Gods”.

My God, we’re off to such a good start.

Jim launches his e-book with some cryptic copyright cancellation notices with some phrases like “…if the Author is missing for a period of more than 60 days after being reported as missing to a police station in the State of Nevada…” which ring as very conspiracy-minded. Maybe this is a pro. Maybe it’s a con.

He goes on the intro to describe some experiences he’s had with healing and MMS. These are nice stories but there is not much of a scientific bent to it. He makes some promises that you can live beyond 100 using MMS (barring, of course, an accident). What is the proof of this? Maybe he describes it later in the book. He also ends the intro by saying you could become very rich by selling MMS. I get to live a long life AND be rich? Where do I sign up?!

Jim gives his email address and says that “Only emails with the subject ‘Stories of Success’ will get past the server’s spam filter.” In other words, he doesn’t want to hear about it if you die. He will only accept Stories of Success. Is this how sound science should work?

Aha, on page 14 Jim has a section titled “Abuse of the Scientific Method”. I should have seen that coming. That’s very smart because now I can’t ask about clinical trials or double-blind studies or write-ups in medical journals because they are clearly a scam (somehow?). He is shitting on the scientific method from the get-go and this should be enough to stop our journey into MMS. He says “But what about all the great emails I’ve gotten?” I’d still be interested in clinical trials which, I’m guessing, he will not be providing after this scathing rant.

He goes on to give some “medical history” which I will put in quotes because of some of the folks he references. He claims “In the 1920s, William Koch and Royal Rife found the cause of cancer to be a pleomorphic microbe. It is usually in virus form but can morph into bacterium.”

Let us discuss just these two sentences for a moment.

William Frederick Koch was an accredited doctor with a degree from Detroit College of Medicine. In the 1920s Koch was pedaling a “synthetic anti-toxin” as a cancer cure. The product was dismissed by the AMA and Wayne County Medical Society as fraudulent. In the 1920s Koch falsely advertised his cancer cure product as being sponsored by the University of Michigan who promptly dissociated itself from Koch. In the 1940s Koch announced his discovery of glyoxylide, another miracle drug that would cure a long list of diseases, even when administered at one part per trillion dilution. Analysis showed it to be distilled water. Patients paid upwards of $300 for a single injection. Accounting for inflation that’s over $5600 in 2020.

Royal Raymond Rife was an American inventor. He is best known for a “beam ray” invention in the 1930s which he thought could treat some diseases by “devitalizing disease organisms” through vibration. This device has been rejected as an effective medical treatment. Rife claimed that his failures were the result of conspiracy between the AMA, the Department of Public Health, and other elements of “organized medicine”. Rife’s biography also redirects to a list of unproven and disproven cancer treatments.

The claim that Koch and Rife discovered cancer to be a pleomorphic microbe that can morph from virus to bacterium is so wild I don’t know where to begin! Let’s just start with the actual definition of pleomorphism as relates to microbiology. It is still debated in the science community as to whether or not pleomorphism is even possible (monomorphism, championed by Louis Pasteur, became the prevailing theory) but, if it is, it refers to the ability of certain microorganisms to alter their morphology which is a fancy way of saying they can change their shape. For instance, a proponent of pleomorphism in microorganisms might argue that a bacteria could drastically alter its method of reproduction if its primary mode was environmentally threatened. This same argument can apply to viruses and bacteria since both are microorganisms but it is absurd to suggest that a bacteria could just morph into a virus! These are completely different types of organisms. A virus needs a host to survive, a bacteria does not. This is literally beyond the realm of science fiction.

I am also unable to locate anything tying Koch and Rife together other than much of both of their work was disregarded as quackery. (It’s a good thing for Jim that he’s already disregarded the scientific method).

Jim then talks about Ignaz Semmelweis who is the renowned physician who discovered the connection between hand-washing and lower death rates in a clinical maternity setting. I’m guessing he brings this up because people didn’t initially believe Semmelweis and now this is common medical practice. Jim Humble sees a future where everyone drinks bleach and he is regarded as a medical savior.

Moving ahead to the actual cure here. He says that if MMS is making you feel worse, something is wrong. “MMS does not make people feel worse it makes them feel better” (although he says in the previous sentence that it can make you feel worse). I at least agree with the first part of what he said. If it makes you feel worse, stop taking it. Even Jim isn’t trying to argue that nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, or vomiting are good, cleansing parts of the protocol. He tells a story about using MMS and being in an apartment with plastic over the windows and how “MMS could not compensate for the loss of oxygen” although we have to just take his word that this is scientifically what is happening since we all know by now that the scientific method is hogwash. The story goes on but he determines (again without any real science) that lack of oxygen and “ambient dust” are his problems and the MMS can’t address this.

Let’s just pause to note that MMS can cure AIDS and cancer but is no match for…let me check my notes…ambient dust.

Jim Humble then goes on to describe some protocols around using MMS and reiterates several times that you should stop MMS if you are feeling worse. Again, I agree with him here because in that case you are literally killing yourself or, at the very least, causing internal corrosive damage.

I think that it is also interesting to note some of the “common situations” Jim lists that MMS can be effective with. He lists asthma, heart problems, “bad problems”, and cancer. What are “bad problems”? He also lists “incurable disease bad problems”. Again, this isn’t fantastic use of the English language but I can agree with him that “incurable disease” is “bad problems”. The list of problems this might treat is long.

Oh my gosh, this is absolute GOLD. Jim then has a section called “Critics of MMS and Jim Humble”. In this section he essentially says everyone who is against MMS is a charlatan. Oh, and his next section is called “Wikipedia Lies” where he claims that he has uncovered a plot where Wikipedia is conspiring to undermine his life’s work.

So, for those keeping score, Jim has refuted the scientific method, refused to answer any inquiries except Stories of Success, claimed all accredited medical associations are lies based on money and power, and that Wikipedia is conspiring against him. He’s making a pretty air-tight case that I can’t use any actual resources to refute him or MMS.

Since we have just had several conversations about having open conversations and expressing differences of opinion in a respectful way, I do want to also note that Jim devotes an entire page to calling his critics (and I quote directly because I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried) “demented psychopathic criminals”. So Jim doesn’t need to do real science because that’s rigged but if I disagree with him I’m a Demented Psychopathic Criminal.

This is going absolutely as well as I had hoped.

Jim then goes on to reference the Wikipedia article about MMS which he has just spent some time telling us is all lies written by DPC’s. I will challenge you right this minute to go read this Wikipedia article in its entirety. If you claim you have done your research, you will read both sides. Do it now. Do it before you start your 9am dose. I have read every article in full that I am referencing here. Make sure you read the part about “rope worms” because I am worried, after your description, that you may be also experiencing this shedding of intestinal mucous membranes. The other thing I worry about is the symptoms that are consistent with internal corrosive injuries (like what happens if you drink Drano or…you know…Bleach).

Please read that entire article, including Safety and Legal Issues, Investigations, and Usage in Africa.

I’m only about 40 pages into this e-book but it is now 2am and I have to be at work in 5 hours. I will continue doing research on this but it is my firm belief, even more than before, that you are being had and that the Genesis 2 Church is a cult, possibly an MLM, and a scam. At the very least they have convinced you to drink bleach which I just cannot abide.

Here are some more articles that I have read that you should read too if you want a fuller picture:

Here’s an article you can check out about Mark Grenon who made a small fortune selling MMS to sick people during COVID.

Mark is the now “archbishop” of the Genesis 2 Church and here is a piece ABC did on him as well.

Here is the notice from the FDA to the public warning about MMS. They do confirm that MMS is a powerful bleaching agent.

This article on SciMoms (silly name, legit website) repeats some of the warnings about MMS and also has a good video as well as some helpful infographics.

This article from Business Insider talks about the arrest of “archbishop” Mark Grenon and some of the US deaths linked to MMS use.

And if you can handle some more MMS death, here’s an article from ABC News about a man whose wife died in his arms minutes after taking a dose of MMS. (it has the same ABC Nightline video as an earlier referenced article)

Here’s an article (a warning) about MMS from the Association for Science in Autism Treatment. ASAT is an organization devoted to scientifically-founded treatments for autism.


My dad didn’t even read this. He agreed to stop drinking bleach for the time being because me and my brother were so bent out of shape about it but he said that it is something that is “still on the table” for him. I hope you can use some of this information to get your own dads to stop drinking bleach. If you find a better approach please let me know.



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